How I Sold 180 Copies of my Book Within 3 Hours?

I ran a promotion with our sponsor, “Buck Books” on 24th September. BuckBooks is a company that brings in 99 cent deals and free books to your inbox. They have signed up a lot of prominent authors like Steve Scott, James Altucher, and Pat Flynn to name a few. The results were out of this world. They promoted my book to a list of over 25k email subscribers. Go ahead and sign up with them.

I have some screenshots for you:


175 copies sold on 24th Sep


My Book shot up the rankings from 50k to 1k on overall Amazon’s Bestseller’s list


Top 1k


Ranked on Top 20 in a major category on Amazon: “Business and Investing”

Top 18 in business and investing

Ranked on Top 5 in a major sub-category on Amazon: “Business Marketing & Sales”


bestseller in marketing and sales



Team up with major publishers and websites who have a huge email list. Host giveaways, promos and share profits.

Good Luck !

– Harsh

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Ep. 10: Interview with Naresh Vissa – The Rise of Temporary Staffing

naresh with Obama

Naresh Vissa is a media, marketing and publishing entrepreneur and product launch and marketing specialist in the financial sector. He works with some prominent players in the financial industry: investment publishers, brokerages, financial media and marketing firms. He’s collaborated with some of the best direct response companies in the world.

Naresh helped launch an online radio network generating six-figures in monthly revenue.  He managed the production and marketing for the first online retail physical precious metals trading platform. He’s a #1 bestselling author of PODCASTNOMICS: The Book Of Podcasting… To Make You Millions and has been featured on USA Today, Yahoo!, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Business Week, MSN Money, Business Insider, India Today, and the Hindustan Times. He was also the Director of Media Strategy at the largest private and independent financial publisher in the world.

In 2009, Naresh co-hosted the top-rated financial talk show in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis, The Wall Street Shuffle. He has booked more than 1,500 experts in the fields of finance, economics, business management & consulting, self-help, leadership, sales and marketing.

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Ep. 9: Interview with Karan Bajaj – How a Debut Author Can Get a $40k Book Deal?

which_yogaKaran Bajaj is an Indian American author of three contemporary Indian novels, Keep Off the Grass (2008), Johnny Gone Down (2010) and The Seeker (2015). Bajaj’s first novel, Keep Off the Grass, which became a bestseller with more than 70,000 copies sold worldwide, was a semi-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and was longlisted for the Indiaplaza Golden Quill Award. Together his novels have sold more than 200,000 copies in India.

Karan Bajaj also works as the Chief Marketing Officer of cult-mom brand Aden + Anais in New York. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in 2002 after completing his engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi in 2000. He was selected as one of the top ten young business leaders of India by the Aditya Birla Foundation. Karan has earlier worked as a Director for Kraft Foods, a Brand Manager for Procter & Gamble and a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in India, the Philippines, Singapore and the U.S., and was nominated a ‘Top 40 under 40 marketer in the U.S.’ by Advertising Age in 2007.

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Ep. 8: Interview with Greg Parry – How to Look 30 When you are 60?

greg vertical photoInitially he trained in the field of Corporate Psychology and Management gaining a PhD and spent most of his time delivering Motivational Training in a corporate environment. After 25 years he entered the fascinating field of Spinal Rehabilitation training as a Spinal Rehab Specialist, obtaining certification and endorsement as a Pilates and Yoga Master as well as a Corporate Wellbeing Coach.

He is also a bestselling author and his books can be found on Amazon. He also has a podcast at . He blogs at:


  • The secret to look younger
  • Why people grow old?
  • The biggest obstacle in life
  • How can you look younger by following a simple technique?

Learn his secrets in this podcast. 

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Ep. 7: Interview with Beran Parry – Why You Should Fire Your Doctor?

IMG_0804Beran Parry has been studying, practising and advising about truly effective nutrition and weight loss for the last 35 years. Her range of studies have broadened, encompassing functional and naturopathic medicine, orthomolecular medicine, eating behaviours and disorders and the ancient Ayurvedic traditions that are witnessing a global revival after thousands of years of practise.

She is also the author of multiple bestselling books. She blogs at



  • What the doctors aren’t telling you?
  • Why you shouldn’t trust your doctors?
  • What are the alternative treatments available?
  • Why you should fire your doctor?

Learn her secrets in this podcast. 

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Ep. 6: Interview with Munmi Sarma – How to Live a Fulfilling Life by Facing our Inner Demons?

munmi new photoMunmi Sarma is an author, globetrotter and the chairperson of Munmi It Solutions LLP. She is an avid reader with a passion for writing self-help books. Since a very young age she read a lot of self-help books and really enjoyed the motivation and the idea of it: That so much of your life is within your control. She paints oils and acrylics to give away and is a vagabond at heart. She constantly works on the move and writes about how to make sense of the bizarre transitory phenomenon called ‘Life’ and it’s numerous manifestations.

What’s special about this podcast? 

She is a very special person and someone who’s very close to me. Listen to the podcast to discover more..

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